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Mechanical-HVAC Different Pipes

RP AssemblyDC AssemblyPVB AssemblySRVB AssemblyNon Testable Devices

Testing and certifying Backflow Devices using the  ASSE approved  One Hose Test Procedure
 using a 5 Value Test Gauge
YouTube - Support Videos for Trade workers and home owners. 
All Assemblies have
Training Videos using      ASSE approved      
1 hose test procedure 
Animated videos by Watts.​
Watts non testable devices, vacuum breakers, dual checks and hose bibb vacuum breakers.
Our web site is designed with two levels of skill in mind, the entry-level trainee or homeowners in need of basic information. For the skilled Tradesman we offer continuing education reviews and tests.  
All Assemblies have
Printable step-by-step    ASSE  approved       1 hose test procedure 
How do backflow 
devices works?
Animated videos for RP and DC Assemblies.

Skilled Tradesman continuing education reviews and tests. 
All Assemblies have
animated repair videos and PDF parts list.
Power Point reviews and test with answers.
Entry-level trainee or homeowners in need of basic information
Reviews and tests to help you gain and maintain your certification and or trade license .  

100 Questions quiz is to test your knowledge on backflow
ADA Standards PDF and online test with answers. Learning the Basics custom online test.
Helpful Informational links. Learning the Basics custom online test. How basic HVAC works - YouTube Video.
​Informational YouTube videos:
Introduction to Copper Tube, Pipe and Fittings.
Introduction to different types of PEX pipes.
Introduction to PVC Pipe Basics.
How to use sharkbite fittings. 
How to easy cut & removal of Cast Iron Pipe.

Informational YouTube videos: 
Basics of Mechanical HVAC,
Residential Air conditioner & Furnace,
Roof Top Units,
Commercial Refrigeration
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