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One-Hose Test Procedurefor an ASSE 1056 Spill Resistant Vacuum Breakers (SRVB)
RP AssemblyDC AssemblyPVB AssemblySRVB AssemblyNon Testable Devices

Flush Test Cock
    Step #1 Open TC - close 
    Step #2 Loosen vent screw - close vent screw

Attach Test Kit  Bleed air by opening high bleed valve close
    Step #1 Attach test Gage 
    Step #2 Test kit shall be centered at TC #1 for all tests
    Step #3 Close high and low valve and high and low bleed valves- open bypass valve 
    Step #4 Attach high hose to TC #1
    Step #5 Open TC #1
    Step #6 Bleed air by opening high bleed valve close

Test #1 -Tightness of Check Valve/ShutoffValves 
    Step #1 - Close #2 shutoff 
    Step #2 - Close #1 shutoff 
    Step #3 - Slowly remove vent screw on SVB

If the differential gauge reading is 1 psid or higher when the discharge from the vent screw stops, record as passed.

Test #2 - Air Inlet Opening
    Step #1 - Remove air inlet canopy 
    Step #2 - Open high valve and record differential gauge reading when the air inlet opens     Step #3- Record if air inlet valve isfully open

 If the air inlet is visually open when the differential gauge reading is 1psid or greater, record valve passed.
Restore System 
    Step #1 Close all TCs 
    Step #2 Open all valves on test kit to drain water
    Step #3 Restore to pre-test state
    Step #4 Remove hoses

The tester shall provide copies of the test results to the owner and Open all valves on test kit to drain water other appropriate parties as required. The tester shall maintain a copy for their records. 

Field Testing Requirements
Watts SRVB
The Watts 008 is a spill-proof pressure vacuum breaker ( PVB ). It is available in 3/8” – 1” sizes and has been in production since 1994. The 008 body is made of bronze while the 008PC utilizes a polycoated bronze body. A lead free version was introduced in 2013.
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ASSE approved 1 Hose Test Procedure